The Journey of LDII Paved the Way Being the Mediator

LDII, The Mediator
Indonesian Islamic Propagation Institute, LDII (Lembaga Dakwah Islam Indonesia) began as a small propaganda organization considered harsh, during the 40 years since its inception in 1972, LDII, has now transformed and developed into one of the great propaganda organization in Indonesia which is contributive and soothing with green concept Preaching (green propaganda or proselytizing soothing).

The key to success is found in the history LDII is to build a culture of what is in the post-modern era is called knowledge-based society is a society that is able to manage and use science to build prosperity, progress, and prosperity of its people, which is a silent power or hidden power. Here a process of enlightenment or enlightenment not only enlightened aspect ukhrowi (delivering community towards the bright light / minadhulumati ilannuur) but also enlightenment of temporal aspects in order to establish a religious professional man.

LDII actually have to have the views and attitudes of post-modern western world before the popularization of postmodernism in a global society. Residents LDII a community that "literacy knowledge". With a broad and deep knowledge will awaken strong confidence. This is one of the key which is why LDII spirit remains not only exist but also participatory and contributive despite the challenges of a very dynamic times. Only in four decades, LDII able to position itself on the presumption as a threat become assets of the nation and the state.

The second key to success is consistency in the face of the attitude era full of crisis and upheaval. LDII history shows how this propaganda organization remains consistent as the Islamic missionary organization that has the spirit of philanthropy (humanity) are very high. When reform erupted, many Islamic organizations affiliated and / or form their own party. In this case LDII do the opposite, if at the time of the new order had to be placed as a substructure LDII one of the dominant political force at that time, then after the reform, LDII actually managed to break away from the shackles of practical politics and a more neutral and actively serve all elements of society . This is what allows LDII increasingly able to portray himself as "the mediator" in the midst of Indonesian society full of contradictions (antagonism).

Conclusion Note Papers Love Nature of Indonesia, "Cinta Alam Indonesia" (CAI 2014) entitled:
"Indonesian Islamic Propagation Institute Fighting Being" The Mediator ", 1972-2014


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